Our advice on business development and selling skills covers the theory and practical aspects of selling for professional people.

We show clients how to maximise selling effectiveness by following a tried and tested method for developing prospects more quickly and more easily into customers, and then into the most loyal client category – “long-term trusted adviser status”.


In the past, most professional people were very unlikely to have ‘sold’ anything; they naturally relied on their professional training and expert abilities to attract customers and clients. They have never had to go into their marketplace to find clients for themselves.

Those old markets have all but ceased to exist now, with clients switching their investment banking, stockbroking, accounting, legal, advertising, PR advisers and other suppliers with alarming regularity.

Changing your style

Professional people have had between a little and a lifetime of sales experience as a secondary role to providing the service for which they have trained.

They may want to change from product to consultative selling techniques, from selling products to selling services, from features to benefits.

We show them how to understand clients’ needs better, how to differentiate themselves from the competition, and how to prioritise their time and selling efforts for maximum effectiveness.


We advise clients on the best approach to selling in theory, with practical exercises and tips on how to avoid the usual barriers of objections, resistance and doubt.

We explain why it is usually the sales person who puts up those barriers, and we dispel the myth of the ‘close’. We examine closely the ‘BD Funnel’.

We explain the key stages of the GPB ‘BD Diamond’ (see diagram  below), from  ‘suspect’ through ‘prospect’ to ‘customer’ and ‘client’. Most BD advisers stop there. We show you how to create long-term, trusted adviser status clients – the ultimate client type.