Some of our rivals tend to start with shock treatment, which is incredibly destructive. Being put through hell by a media trainer at best dents confidence, and at worst makes the individuals vow never to be interviewed again, but with our help it can become an opportunity to be grasped! We see an interview as an unwritten media contract – the media gets material they can broadcast/publish – you get free advertising and a chance to make your case. Our approach builds confidence by developing skills through increasingly difficult interviews; at the same time we show you how to avoid the main pitfalls.

Media interviews can be intense experiences for a lot of people. The heat and buzz of a studio and the rapid firing of questions from the interviewer can seem very daunting. However, our skilled experts at Grant Pearson Brown can help you build your confidence about media interviews by developing your skills and increasing your familiarity with different interviewing situations. We at GPB provide training so that you can be at your best in all media situations.

GPB’s approach to media training is constructive, designed to increase familiarity, skills and confidence in media interviews. We build confidence and skill levels by starting with an understanding of the environment and the fundamental reasons for media interviewers’ positions. We gently increase the difficulty level through the training.

We can deal with the full range of client abilities, from worst to best, and often find it is the better people going in who get the most from what we do. We have very experienced journalists who can use a variety of different styles to meet the varied needs of your people.

The location for media training affects the quality of the coaching. The extra benefits of a studio can be vital as learning about the environment is half of the work. If you are to face direct hostile questions, you must be comfortable with the feel of a studio. The heat, the buzz and the technology can scare off unprepared people. A greater sense of realism makes the training more focused, and reduces surprises when individuals go to actual interviews.

However, we understand the restrictions of time and cost so we are able to hold the training at your offices and can mimic some of these features without a studio where budgets are limited.