"Speak Up" Journals

“Speak Up” is GPB’s quarterly Journal of our latest thinking in our specialist areas. It shares some of our experiences in interesting and informative articles. From time-to-time we invite guests and clients to write articles on something topical, to add variety to the mix.


Speak Up: 16th Edition

Speak Up: 16th Edition In this Edition: “Can you spot a fake smile?”Facial expressions are of paramount importance in business today. Beth Saunders explains how to distinguish between fake and genuine smiles. “Can you tilt a playing field?”Ewan Pearson explains the two important concepts of pitching; ‘pre-pitch contact’ and the ‘ladder of contacts’. These are […]

Speak Up: 15th Edition

Speak Up: 15th Edition In this Edition: “Ten Years On: Death Or Eternity For The Presentation Coach?”Ten years older and ten years wiser, Alastair Grant and Ewan Pearson look back at the way people present, what has changed and what hasn’t over the last ten years. And what the future holds for GPB and other […]

Speak Up: 14th Edition

Speak Up: 14th Edition In this Edition: “The “FBI” Pushes Our Hot And Cold Buttons. So What?”Are your benefits hitting Cold or Hot Buttons? Alastair Grant explains how to use the “So What?” test to work through the FBI (no, not American law enforcement!) miss the Cold and hit those Hot Buttons that win the […]

Speak Up: 13th Edition

Speak Up: 13th Edition In this Edition: “Keep an Eye on Pace”Following on from the article in our last edition about getting the emphasis and intonation of your message right, Alastair Grant identifies the two other crucial areas of pace and eye contact and explains why they are so important. “Bullfighter – Free Jargon Buster”Deloitte’s […]

Speak Up: 12th Edition

Speak Up: 12th Edition In this Edition: “Figures of Speech – The Final Word”All good things must come to an end and the debate on figures of speech was indeed good thing. A big thank you goes to all of you that contributed to this debate, which can be seen in full on our website. […]

Speak Up: 11th Edition

Speak Up: 11th Edition In this Edition: “A speech, a speech, my kingdom for a speech”Following the article in our last newsletter about preparing for a conference, Alastair Grant looks at the art of speech writing. The key point about speeches is that you are writing for the ear, not the eye. Guiding you through […]

Speak Up: 10th Edition

Speak Up: 10th Edition In this Edition: “IPOs: Rarer than hen’s teeth?”We all thought that the IPO market had returned this spring. A wave of companies went public on their intentions, and a disorderly queue formed at the door of the stock exchange. The first in got mauled, and the queue fizzles out – a […]

Speak Up: 9th Edition

Speak Up: 9th Edition In this Edition: “PRM & CRM”Most of us are aware of CRM (Client Relationship Management) as it was the business trend of the nineties, coving front pages of the majority of business magazines. However, have you heard of PRM? Ewan Pearson introduces you to Prospect Relationship Management and the link between […]

Speak Up: 8th Edition

Speak Up: 8th Edition In this Edition: “Nerves – can you really overcome “The Fear”?”Of all human fears public speaking is the number one. Somewhat surprisingly, in many people’s mind it ranks higher than death! James McBrien gives a few practical tips and hints on what we can do to overcome our nerves and perform […]

Speak Up: 7th Edition

Speak Up: 7th Edition In this Edition: “Power of the voice”Recently as a development of our own skill set at critiquing delivery skills, we have linked up with scientists, based in Geneva, who specialise in voice analysis. We thought here we would share some of our newest ideas on developing the voice for presenting better. […]

Speak Up: 6th Edition

Speak Up: 6th Edition In this Edition: “Daisy – How to be memorable”How often have you sat in a presentation and not understood the message that they have been trying to get across to you? How often have you heard expressions like “We must be more flexible and proactive” and wondered what exactly it means? […]

Speak Up: 5th Edition

Speak Up: 5th Edition In this Edition: “So you want me to read from a script!”Reading from a script is a charisma bypass job. Or is it? Alastair Grant explains how GPB could help you to read from a scrip without your audience even realising you are doing so. “Do you shoot from the hip?”Have […]