"Speak Up" Journals

“Speak Up” is GPB’s quarterly Journal of our latest thinking in our specialist areas. It shares some of our experiences in interesting and informative articles. From time-to-time we invite guests and clients to write articles on something topical, to add variety to the mix.


Speak Up: 30th Edition

Speak Up: 30th Edition In this Edition: What’s in a face? by Ewan Pearson Can appearances be deceiving? Ewan Pearson examines the science behind your expression. The Wow! Factor… Part 2 by Tim Farish Tell me more… After giving away the trade secrets of how to start with a bang, Tim Farish unlocks the secrets […]

Speak Up: 29th Edition

Speak Up: 29th Edition In this Edition: Just a minute by Ewan Pearson Ummm, errrrrrr, y’know! Ewan Pearson explains how to speak eloquently by improving your fluency Compelling Content by Tim Farish WOW! Tim Farish gives you the low-down on how to keep your audience glued to their seats and hanging off your every word. […]

Speak Up: 28th Edition

Speak Up: 28th Edition In this Edition: Pitching: so you think you could impress a Dragon? by Tim Farish Tim updates you on our latest thinking on the world of pitching with the suggestion that you need to be more up front. Apparently there be Dragons out there…. Be Yourself – Be Authentic by Alastair […]

Speak Up: 27th Edition

Speak Up: 27th Edition In this Edition: The Russian dolls are coming…to a negotiation near you. Alastair Grant opens the dolls one by one to reveal their secrets and how they together make up the good negotiator. Is your Press Office online or behind the line? Brenda Bates from Mainland PR, our guest writer this […]

Speak Up: 26th Edition

Speak Up: 26th Edition In this Edition: Ten out of Ten, once more directing the traffic Ewan Pearson writes the second article in the brace on how we score and feedback on the 10 top elements of presentation content. You also get a handy A4 sheet to use for your own or a colleague’s presentation. […]

Speak Up: 25th Edition

Speak Up: 25th Edition In this Edition: Pause on pauses Ewan Pearson (and not Jeremy Clarkson) tells us about 5 types of pause, some good, some bad, and which is which. So (pause) you can have a go over Christmas and get some good resolutions going for 2007. Melody on monotony Sarah Cottam has a […]

Speak Up: 24th Edition

Speak Up: 24th Edition In this Edition: “Look me in the eye!” Gaze aversion? Ewan Pearson makes sure that you know when it is appropriate to look your fellow human being in the eye. “Imperfect pitch” Exasperated by regularly hearing her train neighbor speak in an unnaturally high voice, Sarah Cottam tackles vocal pitch. “Make […]

Speak Up: 23rd Edition

Speak Up: 23rd Edition In this Edition: “To obfuscate or elucidate?” Ewan Pearson comments on and resolves spoken clarity issues with ECB’s head honcho, in the first of a series of articles. “Frying the Vocal Cords” Sarah Cottam discusses vocal fry and it’s use in Mongolian Höömij singing. “How motivation can make or break a […]

Speak Up: 22nd Edition

Speak Up: 22nd Edition In this Edition: “Jumping on the bandwagon” Sarah Cottam joins the mob of commentators on the popular subject of David Davis and his presentation, highlighting the lessons that we can learn. “Kippers or Kippered?” Andy Berry offers Sir Rupert some advice in the event of a rudely interrupted breakfast. “Mind your […]

Speak Up: 21st Edition

Speak Up: 21st Edition In this Edition: “The IPO Market” Ewan Pearson examines communications techniques useful to companies due to float. “The 2 Ers, Presenters and Leaders: Do leaders have to be good Presenters?” Ewan discusses the Contribution of Speaking skills to good leadership. “Exploring in the Commercial Jungle” Alastair Grant shows how to overcome […]

Speak Up: Special Edition 2005

Speak Up: Special Edition 2005 In this Special Edition: London wins bid for Olympics in 2012…” Here’s a Speak-up Special as Ewan, Alastair and Sarah discuss the reasons that the London 2012 team presentations were so successful. Download the special edition here: GPB Journal Special 2005

Speak Up: 20th Edition

Speak Up: 20th Edition In this Edition: “What did the Romans ever do for us” Sarah Cottam completes her series of three articles on oratory with passing references to Cicero and Monty Python. “So your being interviewed” A Freelance TV news reporter with 25 years experience at the BBC and Channel 4 News gives some […]