Business Development

Business development is important in any organisation. Our advice covers selling, persuading and influencing people of all levels. This can help your business grow by increasing the client base and ultimately enhancing your revenues.

We advise on:

  • Pitching for new business.
  • Creating new business from old business.
  • Exploring and building common ground with prospective clients.
  • Handling objections, resistance and doubt.
  • Techniques for closing the deal.
  • Building client loyalty and longevity.

“Your business development skills have to be as good as your core skills, or you won’t get the chance to prove you have good core skills!”

Our advice covers business development, persuading and influencing for highly professional people. This is not some ‘motivational experience’ which may be relevant for second-hand car salespeople and lasting about as long as the average man’s shave. Instead it is an approach to business development only which professional people are comfortable putting into practice over the rest of their careers, so maximising their client base and revenues over time.

We show our clients how to develop their client base to that most desirable outcome of “long-term trusted adviser status”.