We coach individuals and small groups to improve their general writing skills, and we also work on specific documents that need to be created, edited or summarised. These include marketing, selling and key legal and commercial documents such as Annual Reports and Information Memoranda.

We think that everyone has an innate talent to write well, even on the tougher subjects. In many cases this skill is under-developed due to lack of coaching, support or opportunity. We think that everyone can be coached to improve their skills so long as they are willing. There is a high degree of practical work, creating or editing the individual’s own documents and/or ones we supply.

Our writing skills work can be aimed at improving the basics – the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and structure of a document, letter, or email. And it can be aimed at the intermediate level – structure, brevity and clarity. And we work at the advanced level, on creativity, persuasiveness, pleasantness and enjoyment for the reader. All our workshops are tailored to suit our client organisation, and in many cases we develop introductory and advanced level workshops to suit the varying needs.