The way we look and sound are powerful tools for persuasion and leadership, but they are not always used to their maximum.

They are very complex; they encode the speaker’s personality, attitudes, style and emotions. We usually find it easy to detect when someone is sad, angry, positive or bored by listening to the inflection and timbre of their voice.

However, measuring precisely and analysing the way an individual uses his or her voice, face and body is a difficult task and – like most coaching tips – has until recently been entirely subjective – the opinion of the observer  And yet the way the voice, face and body are used are key areas where we can enhance performance with dramatic effect.

Grant Pearson Brown Consulting Ltd, along with Dr Branka Zei, a colleague from the Vox Institute in Geneva, can help you to understand the use of your voice, face and body to help you to communicate more effectively.

In short, to be more persuasive.

We are able to measure and examine the vocal and visual communication on a scientific level in order to produce scientific, objective and precise voice and visual analysis reports. By the end of your coaching, you will notice a dramatic difference in the persuasiveness and the overall pleasantness by comparing the before and after recordings.

Voice Profile - Before Voice Profile - After
Before: The speaker’s voice is too high in pitch, it is weakly modulated, but has good loudness. The speech rate is too slow which is mainly due to numerous disfluencies (e.g. umm, err, “you know”); these are included in the calculation of speech rate. After: The pitch of the speaker’s voice is now deeper, his voice now has excellent pitch modulation and range, and all of the other vocal parameters show excellent values. Compared with the previous analysis, his fluency is perfect.

Here’s how it works: We record your voice, (one sample or four samples). Then our Associate in Geneva produces a written ‘Voice Report’. These can either be ‘Short Reports’ (one sample) or ‘Detailed Reports’ (four samples). We use computer software to ‘map’ certain vocal parameters, such as pitch, speech rate, loudness and fluency.

The Detailed Report includes an assessment of the Speaker’s Image, including a measurement of Persuasiveness. The Reports help us to target specific areas of improvement in order for you to make the most out of your voice.

Voice Coaching

Once the reports are received, we coach individuals in two-hour sessions spread two-three weeks apart. The reports guide us in what to coach and what aspects of the voice are already strong. The diagrams above show you what improvements can be made after a series of sessions – perhaps 4-8 in total.

For further details:

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