Most professional people have had little or no training in how to pitch effectively. They have relied on their professional training to attract clients. Now they have to go out and find business.

Clients switch their investment banks, stockbrokers, accountants, legal, and other advisers with alarming regularity, and often solely on the basis of a business pitch. We advise pitch teams on how best to increase their chances of winning pitches in these expensive and hostile environments.

We recognise that the playing field is rarely level. We have helped teams to improve radically their chance of success. Some have even won when we knew that they were only supposed to be there to unsettle the incumbent. Some of these pitches have been for mandates of several million dollars.

There is a specific equation to a successful business pitch. Our experts at GPB can advise pitch teams or individuals on how best to increase their chances of winning pitches in expensive and hostile business environments.

We focus on: