Advice for C-Suite Individuals

A significant part of our work is to advise CEOs and other main board members such as the CFO and Chair. The main areas where we give this advice are:

  • External ‘private’ presentations to shareholders, potential investors, and analysts
  • External ‘public’ presentations to government inquiries, conferences, seminars and panels, and the media
  • External ‘major’ events such as an IPO, a trade sale or a merger
  • Internal presentations to the Board, senior management, and sometimes at all-staff events.

Our advice is candid, confidential, and tailored to each specific event. Our goal is for each individual client to be “themselves at their best, even in the toughest situations”.

We would normally see the individual for ‘sessions’ that last 1-2 hours, usually at the client’s office, although we also offer the privacy of a meeting room at our office in London.

Where relevant and valuable, we will use our unique combination of three scientific analyses, covering (a) vocal, (b) visual and (c) content analyses. We will use the short reports where time is short, as the reports take only a day to produce. Where we have more time, we will often use the detailed versions of these reports as they give us much more data to inform our coaching. In each case, the report analyses that aspect of the communications, and produces recommendations for areas to focus the coaching. In this way we speed up the coaching as well as getting better results.

For any further information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Ewan Pearson, our Managing Director, is a member of the Faculty at the School for CEOs, and speaks at their regular residential programme “The Vital Few” on the subject of “Giving the Killer Speech.