Group coaching and Training

Group training workshops and individual coaching

A significant part of our work is to run training workshops for our clients. These are almost all ‘in-house’ within one client rather than public and open to all-comers. Exceptions have included our workshops for The Industrial Society (now part of Capita), and more recently the IPA (Institute for Practitioners in Advertising).  All of our workshops have scored well with clients, with the average score being 1.3 (where 1 = excellent and 5 = poor).

Full tailored workshops evolving over time

Our in-house workshops allow us to tailor each workshop to the client’s specific needs, creating better workshops that have better results. Furthermore, if we run a series of workshops for a client over a short period, we will tailor each workshop to each group of people that are attending a workshop, and if we run workshops for a client over a period of months or years (as we do in several cases), we will evolve the workshop with each running of it. We never stand still.

Our workshops cover any individual area, or combination of areas within our specialities, and we will co-create the actual design of the workshops with our clients.

Our workshops are run over a single day, or a series of part or full days, right up to 2 x 5 days in one case, covering a combination of four the above areas! We will build each workshop around your budget and needs. The broader and deeper the coverage, the longer each workshop will take. All of our workshops include a high percentage of practical work and discussion, as we are strong believers in ‘learning by doing’.

Tailored individual coaching sessions with candid valuable advice

We run individual coaching ‘sessions’ that typically each run for two hours. We’ll do the number required to cover the needs of that individual, and we usually do these sessions at our client’s offices in order to save their time. These sessions are completely bespoke to that person, and when combined with the intensive candid coaching, they are a very valuable way to develop the skills of that person quickly and in an enduring way.

The typical workshop and individual coaching areas we cover are:

  • Presentation skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Development
  • Pitching skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Media interviews (TV, Radio, Press and New Media)
  • Telephone skills for businesspeople
  • Scientific Voice, Visual and Content Analysis and coaching

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