Writing Skills

We advise clients how to structure the narrative, wordsmith the language, and lay out the pages in key documents that need to be created or edited for publication online or on paper. This makes them easier to read first time, and where necessary more persuasive.

Advice on key documents

Much of our work is ‘at the coal face’, on key documents such as a prospectus, marketing literature for publication, or a scripted speech. We help to construct these from scratch alongside the key authors. We can also take a draft and advise on improvements to it.

The value of our input is to improve clarity, brevity, readibility, elegance, and where needed, its persuasiveness.

Our work may take us deep into arguments used and evidence in support, but it can also take us into punctuation, spelling, grammar, syllable count, sentence length and construction and the English language itself.

We are advocates of plain English!

Which is easier to understand?

Either: I exited the northerly aspect of my domestic residence and attempted to initiate the internal combustion engine on my motor vehicle. Or: I went out the front door and tried to start the car. The first has many polysyllabics, the latter only monosyllabics – 12 syllables in 12 words.

Writing skills workshops

These are designed around the level of the group as writers. Seniors may ‘know how to write’, but we help them to write better documents, be they board papers, letters and emails to counterparties, scripts, marketing or information documents, or website content. You will learn stage by stage. We cover the skills and knowledge required using practicals on your own work and critiques of others. Workshops are usually for four to ten people, over several half or full days.

Our workshops enable you to:

  • Be accurate, brief, clear and persuasive
  • Write documents efficiently
  • Produce focused documents and scripts
  • Promote your organisation and its services
  • Improve business relationships
  • Edit with skill.