Our Clients

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Banks, Corporate Finance, Stockbroking

Fund Management / Hedge Funds

Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Healthcare

Private Equity/ Venture Capital

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This list includes 17 FTSE-100 or 250 companies, three of the top four accountancy firms, and four of the top 10 UK law firms. It excludes clients who have asked for their names to be withheld for confidentiality reasons.  *FTSE 100 **FTSE 250

Banks, Corporate Finance, Stockbroking


Private Equity/ Venture Capital


Fund Management/ Hedge Funds

Pharma/ Biotech/ Healthcare


Media/ Advertising/ Recruitment

Manufacturing/ Defence


Construction/ Logistics/ Property


High Technology/ Telecoms/ IT


Retailing/ Food/ Hospitality/ Travel





Other Professional Advisers


Academic/ Sport


Charities/ Public Sector/ Other bodies


Energy/ Oil