"Speak Up" Journals

“Speak Up” is GPB’s quarterly Journal of our latest thinking in our specialist areas. It shares some of our experiences in interesting and informative articles. From time-to-time we invite guests and clients to write articles on something topical, to add variety to the mix.


Speak Up: 78th Edition

1. The best salesmen aren’t salesmen
2. Optimising Persuasive Impact: Pull AND Push, but Pull first!
3. Deliberate Practice

Speak Up: 77th Edition

1. Adopting the Seven Rhetorical Canons for successful persuasion
2. Speaking Virtually
3. In the quibus confidimus: In whom we trust
4. New resources for you

Speak Up: 76th Edition

1. Aristotle’s Lost Appeals
2. Intercultural lessons on vocal pitch
3. Respond well to questions – but how long have you got?
4. Plausibility, credibility and our emotions

Speak Up: 75th Edition

1. Make Marketing in 2021 Meaningful
2. Pitch Up for Chrismas
3. Through the Perilous Fight
4. In Praise of…
5. Tunnelling out of Europe

Speak Up: 74th Edition

1. What did the Direct Response Copywriters ever do for us?
2.Does social media affect persuasion?
3. Learning to like your likeability
4. Superior Force – By Ewan Pearson
5. Would I Lie to You?
6. Mata Richard! A new chapter opens

Speak Up: 73rd Edition

1. Tell me “Why?”
2. Resolving Conflict – at home and at work
3. Half-time oranges in a slow start to the year by Ewan pearson

Speak Up: 72nd Edition

1.Long live the telephone, the modern saviour
2. Breaking down the breakdown of communication
3.Striking the balance
4. And now for something completely different
5.‘They that have the voice of lions’… and of lionesses

Speak Up: 71st Edition

1. Collective noun quiz
2 Jingle Jangle Jargon
3. The How and the What
4. How shall I address thee? by Ewan Pearson

Speak Up: 70th Edition

1. Aristotle’s forgotten appeals
2. The Style Council
3. A stoic view of trust by Ewan Pearson
4. Wedding speeches by Alastair Grant

Speak Up: 69th Edition

1. Incomplete Benefits
2. The Narrative Fallacy
3. Of Mice and (Mad) Men
4. Plan and Prepare to Maximise Audience Motivation

Speak Up: 68th Edition

1. The Anchor of Persuasion
2. Question & Waffle
3. “Trusted in Important Affairs” by Des Harney and Mark Hollyoake
4. Time to pause and think
5. Emotions or moods?

Speak Up: 67th Edition

1. Hark the Herald!
2. Stickies that Stick
3. The Persuasive Voice
4. Afraid to Talk by Anna Easton
5. The Triple Ps… by Hasnaê Kerach
6. Crackers at Christmas By Ewan Pearson