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Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice​ It’s deliberate practice, not talent or genes, that really determines who becomes a great communicator We often swap book recommendations with our clients.

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"speak up"

Speak Up: 78th Edition

1. The best salesmen aren’t salesmen
2. Optimising Persuasive Impact: Pull AND Push, but Pull first!
3. Deliberate Practice

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Dictionary of Acronyms

Dictionary of Acronyms Categories: Aviation Industry Business Jargon Corporate / Company names Countries and International Bodies Currencies Education Electronics and Technology Environmental and Governance Financial

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New resources for you…

New resources for you… New Doodly videos out now Many of you have previously worked with GPB, or may be working with us currently. If

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"speak up"

Speak Up: 77th Edition

1. Adopting the Seven Rhetorical Canons for successful persuasion
2. Speaking Virtually
3. In the quibus confidimus: In whom we trust
4. New resources for you

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"speak up"

Speak Up: 76th Edition

1. Aristotle’s Lost Appeals
2. Intercultural lessons on vocal pitch
3. Respond well to questions – but how long have you got?
4. Plausibility, credibility and our emotions

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