Negotiating to the best outcome

One of the most specialised types of spoken and written communications is negotiating. The word ‘Negotiate’ means quite different things to different people. Even top gurus and sacred texts on the subject cannot agree! GPB’s definition covers all types of negotiation and is simple to understand: “The method used to reach agreement by two parties who initially disagree”.

There are two quite separate styles of negotiation: The synergistic (or problem solving) approach and the combative (or point scoring) approach. We teach people how to use whichever style they need to achieve their desired outcome.

Negotiation is an important part of daily business life. Your ability as a negotiator is an important indicator of your ability to succeed in your business goals. Our advisors at GPB can help you to improve your negotiation skills by explaining the different styles used in negotiations and using practicals to demonstrate these styles. We can teach you the strategy, dynamics and tactics of a good negotiator and help you to achieve your desired outcome.


Our most popular and public speaking workshop are for six to eight people over two to three days, although there are many variations to this model, from half-day modules up to say five-day workshops for 12 people. As this suggests, every workshop is tailored for the client and group. 


Our workshops are highly interactive with frequent practice and role play recorded on camera with playback. We keep the pace lively and allow discussion when a key topic is raised. 


We run workshops anywhere convenient to you and provide workbooks along with various other handouts. We will discuss equipment with you, although we normally bring along our own laptop and video camera. 

Benefits of our work

  • Speak consistently and persuasively
  • Develop skills for creating ‘sticky’ content
  • Save time building content and rehearsing
  • Become more confident, clear and concise
  • Gain permanent improvements
  • Improve vocal and visual impact
  • Create memorable messages; and 
  • Save significant preparation time.