Presentation and public speaking skills

All key communicators recognise that their ability to communicate effectively is crucially important. Some have risen to senior positions, but lack these skills despite being highly successful in other respects. GPB can dramatically improve an individual’s ability to present effectively by advising on all aspects of their presentation needs.

We can help you:

  • Develop physical techniques that will allow you to perform consistently well, whether from script, autocue, notes or adlib.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of good spoken communication.
  • Become more creative in preparing a message that will be remembered longer.
  • Prepare and structure content well.
  • Learn to create and use visual aids to maximum effect.
  • Save significant preparation time with the message and rehearsals.
  • Become more confident and less nervous about speaking engagements.
  • Improve on a particular weakness that you wish to overcome.
  • Handle tough questions well.

Group Workshops

Our most popular and public speaking workshop are for six to eight people over two to three days, although there are many variations to this model, from half-day modules up to say five-day workshops for 12 people. As this suggests, every workshop is tailored for the client and group. 


Our workshops are highly interactive with frequent practice and role play recorded on camera with playback. We keen the pace lively and allow discussion when a key topic is raised. 


We run workshops anywhere convenient to you and provide workbooks along with various other handouts. We will discuss equipment with you although we normally bring along our own laptop and video camera. 

Benefits of our work:

  • Speak consistently and persuasively
  • Develop skills for creating ‘sticky’ content
  • Save time building content and rehearsing
  • Become more confident, clear and concise
  • Gain permanent improvements
  • Improve vocal and visual impact
  • Create memorable messages; and
  • Save significant preparation time.