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New Doodly videos out now

Many of you have previously worked with GPB, or may be working with us currently. If so, you will be aware that (in simple terms) we provide advice, coaching and training in effective and persuasive communication.

Nonetheless, if you were to ask yourself ‘what exactly does GPB do?’, it may be a little more difficult to answer. You will likely be influenced by what you have received from us (or are receiving from us) for example coaching in the use of persuasion in business development. However, you may be surprised to learn that we provide support in a wider range of areas, including: effective online communication, presentations and public speaking, negotiating, business development, media interviews and more. 

We have created a series of Doodly videos that correspond with our many coaching areas to help you to prepare for upcoming meetings, presentations, AGMs or other business events. These videos provide a snapshot summary of information as well as some initial tips. 

To see them, go to our YouTube channel or look at our website under ‘what we do’ on our Business Development and Selling, Media training, Negotiating to the best outcomeOnline Communication, Presentation and public speaking skills and Writing skills pages.

Dictionary of Acronyms

Speaking of our website, some of our more popular posts are our Neologisms, Rhetorical Tools and Dictionary of Collective Nouns pages. We have now introduced the Dictionary of Acronyms to our collection. 

Our dictionary covers a range of different areas: from computing and humorous internet acronyms to jargon-specific acronyms for the aviation, engineering and medical industries. 

At one time or another we have all found ourselves in a situation where we’ve been unable to work out the meaning of an acronym. Take ‘LOL’, laugh out loud? Or lots of love? I guess you could say this one’s context dependent. But with GPB’s new dictionary of acronyms, you won’t find yourself at a loss again. 

We are always open to feedback and welcome new acronyms, so if you can think of any that we have missed, let us know!