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GPB Website

The Grant Pearson Brown (GPB) website has all previous issues of our ’Speak Up’ Journal, containing plenty of great articles with useful advice. In addition, there are other interesting analyses including our dictionary of acronyms, a list of all the Rhetorical Tools, and a list of neologisms (new words). These are regularly updated. Please get in touch if you have suitable words that we can add!

Please see those pages at, then look under ‘Journals and posts’ on the top tab.



At GPB we like to provide helpful and entertaining playlists of videos about presentations, pitches, negotiations, giving speeches, and a lot more! Since our Spring 2022 Journal we have for example added to our channel:

  • How to Catch a Liar (Assuming we Want to) by Dr. Paul Ekman
  • Sir David Attenborough’s Address to World Leaders at COP24
  • Sir David Attenborough delivery of ‘The People’s Seat’ address at COP24
  • A Business Speeches Playlist

Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, where all this valuable video content is shared:


GPB’s LinkedIn page is also regularly updated with posts and content from topical areas of interest. Again, we value any comments or thoughts and encourage healthy debate. Please visit and like our page, and contribute your views at