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About GPB

At Grant Pearson Brown Consulting Limited (‘GPB’), we provide advice in the field of effective and persuasive communication, both spoken and written. We stand out by combining the ancient wisdom of the great orators with the latest research and our unique set of three Scientific Analyses to ensure that you can be “yourself at your best, even in the toughest situations”.

We advise on all sorts of key communication events, and we coach and train people. We do this individually or in group workshops. We advise on all the presentation types, on pitches, winning business, negotiations, media interviews, telephone skills and writing documents.

We fully tailor all our work to the needs of each client in order to deliver first-class advice. From the consistently very positive feedback and comments afterwards, we know our coaching is proven to work. Clients often rate our work the best they have ever had in the fields of presentation and persuasion.

How We Work

Advice for C-Suite Individuals

We help individuals prepare for key events (e.g. speech, panel session, media interview).

Consulting advice for teams preparing for key events

We advise teams preparing for key events (e.g. pitches, seminars, key documents, IPOs, roadshows).

Individual coaching sessions

We coach and advise individuals from top management, on all aspects of their spoken and written communication needs.

Group coaching and Training

Part of our work is to run training workshops for our clients. These are almost all "in-house" with one client, rather than public and open to all-comers.

Our Advice

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Our Distinctive Approach

Our aim is for you to be: “Yourself at your best… even in the toughest situations


Modern science combined with ancient wisdom

We continue to use the knowledge of the ancient and great philosophers and orators, but combine this with the latest research from the academic world to give our clients the best advice available from over 3,000 years of accumulated knowledge.

Real practical experience

We advise on the key real life events that our clients do, so we have lots of recent and varied knowledge to bring to our training and coaching work. Hence our clients get the benefit of advice that has been successfully advisory tested at the coal face.

Expert advice

Specialist advisers in spoken and written communication. We advise and coach only on the way people speak and write, in order to communicate more effectively and persuasively. After more than 25 years of doing just that, we have acquired a great deal of specialist knowledge.

Result Based

We get to the heart of a problem relatively quickly, then give you solutions that are more effective and last longer. By coaching intensively with gaps, we deliver long-term gains in competence and knowledge, from the way we coach and the practical exercises we use.