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Rhetorical Tools List

Examples of 70 very popular and useful rhetorical tools Alliteration Allusion Anadiplosis Analogy Anaphora Anecdotes Anesis Anticlimax Antimetabole Antithesis Aphorism Aposiopesis Apposition Assonance Asyndeton Catachresis Chiasmus Climax Conduplicato Diacope Distincto Ellipsis Enthymeme Enumerato Epanalepsis Epistrophe Epitheton Epizeuxis Ethos Euphemismos Evidence Exemplum (example) Expletive Freudian Slip Hyperbole Hypophora Irony (Illusio) Litotes Logos Malapropism Metaphor Mixaphor, Miniphor and […]

Time to pause and think by Lynda Russell-Whitaker

Emotions or moods? by Ewan Pearson

“Trusted in Important Affairs” by Des Harney and Mark Hollyoake

Question & Waffle by Hasnaê Kerach

The Anchor of Persuasion by Richard Keith

68th Edition

67th Edition

Here is our 67th GPB journal. It is designed as an ongoing coaching tool for our clients and is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, negotiations and business development. Please write back if you wish to comment or add another reader, and – […]

GPB wins Best Specialist Communications Advisor of the Year 2019 – UK from Corporate USA Today

Renowned for its unrivalled reach and targeted readership, now with a subscriber base totalling over 287,000, Corporate USA Today is at the forefront of all matters corporate, reaching professionals and board level decision makers, dealmakers, game changers, and all those advising, actively in the U.S business market. It counts CEOs, CFOs, Partners, Owners, Presidents, Directors, Litigators […]

GPB wins two awards from ACQ5 Global Awards

UK – STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY OF THE YEAR, GRANT PEARSON BROWN CONSULTING LTD and UK – STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR, EWAN PEARSON, GRANT PEARSON BROWN CONSULTING LTD Voting closed on 26th July 2018 for this prestigious award and winners were announced on 17th October 2018. ACQ5 said: “Guided by the poll’s results, those […]