Speak Up: 71st Edition

Here is our 71st GPB journal. It is designed as an ongoing coaching tool for our clients and is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, negotiations and business development. Please write back if you wish to comment or add another reader, and – on behalf of our team at GPB team, we hope you’ll enjoy reading it. We publish these Journals as free ongoing professional development for our clients.

In this edition:

Collective noun quiz by the GPB team

We provide some festive fun, and some fizz, in return for some help. 

Jingle Jangle Jargon by Desmond Harney

Desmond reviews some business-speak and asks you to make its avoidance your Winterval wish.

The How and the What by Lynda Russell-Whitaker

Lynda brings Aristotle and Churchill together in an analysis of the delivery of a presentation.

How shall I address thee? by Ewan Pearson

Ewan tackles the tricky subject of diversity and how we might address other people.


Download a PDF of the full journal here: GPB 71st Journal – Winter 2019