Speak Up: 10th Edition

In this Edition:

“IPOs: Rarer than hen’s teeth?”
We all thought that the IPO market had returned this spring. A wave of companies went public on their intentions, and a disorderly queue formed at the door of the stock exchange. The first in got mauled, and the queue fizzles out – a false dawn. Ewan Pearson writes about preparing for an IPO. It’s no good knowing what you should have done after the event, and when the queue reforms, it will move very quickly. Perhaps IPOs, like hen’s teeth, will make a comeback.

“So you’ve been asked to speak at a conference”
The invitation comes in; you have been asked to speak at an FT Conference next January. The invitation evokes two contrasting reactions: pleasure and panic. But wait a minute, speaking at a conference will raise the visibility of your product, your company and yourself. OK you accept! A good decision, and by the way, most presenters at such conferences tend to produce a lackluster performance. Alastair Grant gives some ideas to transform your performance.

“Figures of speech – the debate”
Have you ever wondered why we use language the way we do? Sometimes a saying or expression sums up what you want to say, perfectly. However, it is debatable whether the use of figures of speech should be encouraged or discouraged. We are starting a rolling debate on our website on whether figures of speech help or hinder communication. We welcome your views and experiences.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 10 Autumn 2002