Speak Up: 13th Edition

In this Edition:

“Keep an Eye on Pace”
Following on from the article in our last edition about getting the emphasis and intonation of your message right, Alastair Grant identifies the two other crucial areas of pace and eye contact and explains why they are so important.

“Bullfighter – Free Jargon Buster”
Deloitte’s bullfighter creation has certainly done well as a marketing tool. But does it actually work and how useful is it? Alastair Grant has tested out this piece of software and here explains its pros and cons and most importantly gives some tips on how to avoid the bull in the first place!

“Caveat Orator!”
Gerald Ratner did it, Henry Paulson did it, and I am sure there are many others who’ve done it too. Will you join them? Beware the pitfalls of ad-libbing!!! Humble pie is not the tastiest of desserts. However, Ewan Pearson explains some valuable tips on how to ad-lion skillfully and therefore avoid indigestion!

“The Telephone – Distraction or Powerful Weapon”
The telephone is probably the most significant universal tool for business. But is often undervalued and therefore not used to its full advantage. James McBrien highlights the crucial elements of telephone conversation.

Download a PDF copy of the journal here: GPB Journal 13 Summer 2003