Speak Up: 14th Edition

In this Edition:

“The “FBI” Pushes Our Hot And Cold Buttons. So What?”
Are your benefits hitting Cold or Hot Buttons? Alastair Grant explains how to use the “So What?” test to work through the FBI (no, not American law enforcement!) miss the Cold and hit those Hot Buttons that win the business.

“The Sum Of The Parts”
Safety in numbers is not always the case when presenting, as more often than not, the sum of the parts is not greater than the whole. Ewan Pearson explains what to do to avoid the pitfalls when presenting as a team.

“Fine Tune Your Voice”
A good voice has the power to motivate, inspire, persuade and lead. An average voice would have the potential to do this but is let down by physical attributes such as poor pitch modulation or fluency. These stop a voice being truly powerful. James McBrien looks into these two common problems and gives some tips to improve them.

Download a PDF copy of the journal here: GPB Journal 14 Autumn 2003