Speak Up: 25th Edition

In this Edition:

Pause on pauses
Ewan Pearson (and not Jeremy Clarkson) tells us about 5 types of pause, some good, some bad, and which is which. So (pause) you can have a go over Christmas and get some good resolutions going for 2007.

Melody on monotony
Sarah Cottam has a brainwave and takes us through the routine of how to turn your voice into a musical instrument that people will actually want to hear, and not the sort that sounds as though it wants you to have a quick kip.

Stop at the lights for a perfect 10
Alastair Grant reveals a dark corporate secret. We cheat when coaching clients using a checklist with traffic lights. Go green or rage red when you read and use our scorecard for giving quick helpful feedback on your own or others’ presentations.

Like you like me. It’s NLP
Tim Farish explores the mental factors that are important in building rapport as well as giving tips which will help you be more ‘in sync’ with someone.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 25 Winter 2006