Speak Up: 26th Edition

In this Edition:

Ten out of Ten, once more directing the traffic
Ewan Pearson writes the second article in the brace on how we score and feedback on the 10 top elements of presentation content. You also get a handy A4 sheet to use for your own or a colleague’s presentation. With traffic lights.

What’s Diversity got to do with Pitching?
Lots, says our guest writer, Matthew Gregory, of KPMG, who also touches on boiling humans alive, ageism, gender, race, and disability, and rather usefully tells you what to consider here when preparing for a pitch.

“Pleased to meet you Mr Bond!”
Tim Farish continues his look at building and destroying rapport, how to skirt round the pitfalls, looking back at some of Albert Mehrebian’s research.

Cicero vs. PowerPoint? There’s no contest!
Alastair Grant says the well established PC worker’s tool is no match for the verbal blows received from of one of the world’s greatest speakers. The word is mightier than the keyboard!

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 26 Spring 2007