Speak Up: 27th Edition

In this Edition:

The Russian dolls are coming…to a negotiation near you.
Alastair Grant opens the dolls one by one to reveal their secrets and how they together make up the good negotiator.

Is your Press Office online or behind the line?
Brenda Bates from Mainland PR, our guest writer this issue, suggests you need to take more notice of Mr and Mrs Noo Meeja, as that’s where your customers are going.

Stephen Fry has the world’s best voice – discuss.
Tim Farish examines what Stephen’s got that the rest of us haven’t, but, er, could have. Once we have, we’ll be much more persuasive, and that’s a promise.

“Twist and shout, like you did last summer”
Ewan Pearson encourages you to wave and smile and otherwise get yourself moving and grooving. But remember the voice and the words have to keep up.

Download a PDF copy of the journal here: GPB Journal 27 Summer 2007