Speak Up: 30th Edition

In this Edition:

What’s in a face?

by Ewan Pearson
Can appearances be deceiving? Ewan Pearson examines the science behind your expression.

The Wow! Factor… Part 2

by Tim Farish
Tell me more… After giving away the trade secrets of how to start with a bang, Tim Farish unlocks the secrets behind giving a presentation.

Rhetorically Speaking

by Carl Schreiter 
If making a powerful argument is all Greek to you, Carl Schreiter explains how to hit your audience with a triple whammy of logic, ethics and emotion.

I object!

by Alastair Grant
Have you ever had a brilliant idea, worked on it, got excited about it, proposed it in anticipation of roaring success…. Only to have it dashed to the ground by a vicious objection? Well worry no more; Alastair Grant gives you some easy to use strategies to deal with even the worst setbacks.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 30 Summer 2008