Speak Up: 31st Edition

In this Edition:

Going For Gold

by Michael Parker
Michael Parker shares his valuable insights into winning in the pitching arena.

To say or not to say? That is the question…

by Ewan Pearson
Have you ever been put on the spot with a tough question? This article gives you some tools to deal with the toughest inquisitions.

The Wow! Factor… Part 3

by Tim Farish
Tell me a tail… Tim Farish talks us through the ‘Snapper’s tail’ and how to finish with style.

That figures – Rhetorically speaking

by Carl Schreiter
Perfectly powerful persuasion (alliterated triplet)…. Carl Schreiter presents some easy, effective tools for high impact communication.

Persuasion is full of ups and downs

by Alastair Grant
‘Finish on high note’ with Alastair Grant, as he talks through a voice coaching process to give you more voice appeal.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 31 Autumn 2008