Speak Up: 32nd Edition

In this Edition:

2008 Christmas Quiz – ‘Who said that?’

by Annalisa Dovey
You might have heard the quotes, know the names and recognise the faces…But can you put them all together? Do that, give your favourite funny quote and perhaps you’ll win some champers!

Competitive Dialogue – Shout to be the loudest?

by Ewan Pearson
Top tips on how to get ahead in the next pub quiz and how to handle the EU’s newish formal pitch process.

Givers gain – Part 1

by Tim Farish
Get what you deserve this Christmas with our ‘networking how-to’.

‘Different strokes for different folks’

by Alastair Grant
Learn how to push everyone’s buttons and avert the traditional Christmas family row.

Prepare not to be prepared

by Carl Schreiter
Everyone is staring at you, anticipation hangs heavy in the air… impromptu speaking – Eeek. Carl takes the demons out of your worst dream with some on-the-spot-speaking strategies.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 32 Winter 2008