Speak Up: 33rd Edition

In this edition:

The Walk to the White House

By Carl Schreiter
Would you like to know the secrets to Barack Obama’s success? Carl Schreiter explains the presentational tools that have helped Obama to the White House. They could help you too!

Do you speak Quango?

By Alastair Grant
Ever been befuddled by someone’s lingo or jargon? Alastair Grant gives expert advice on how to reduce jargon and lower barriers.

The Rain in Spain…

By Ewan Pearson
Ewan Pearson explains how accurate articulation can help you persuade and communicate with impact.

The Art and Business of Networking – Part 2 – The Networking Bores

By Tim Farish
Learn what NOT to do at networking functions. Tim Farish provides some top tips to avoid becoming a member of the Networking “Hall of Shame”.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 33 Spring 2009