Speak Up: 4th Edition

In this Edition:

“Motor Vehicles, Jam Jars and the Language Hierarchy”
It is easy to alienate an audience by poor word selection. Alastair Grant explains why and looks at how the language hierarchy affects both the clarity of the message and the personality of the presenter.

“What’s the Point of Power?”
Ever been frustrated by having to press ‘Page Up’ or ‘Page Down’ fifteen times to move to a slide that someone asks you to show again? Never again! Ewan Pearson shares some PowerPoint secrets to help with all presentations.

“And without further ado…………”
Some tips for writing and delivering a public speech. With our thanks to Eric Berryman, a retires American naval officer who wrote speeches for the secretary of the US Navy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, various CinCs, and senators. Currently, his job includes speech writing for senior officials in the US Intelligence Community.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal Spring 2001