6th Edition

In this Edition:

“Daisy – How to be memorable”
How often have you sat in a presentation and not understood the message that they have been trying to get across to you? How often have you heard expressions like “We must be more flexible and proactive” and wondered what exactly it means? Alastair Grant explains how ‘Daisy’ can help people understand such abstract statements.

Do you want to be seen as a ‘dancing animal with two heads’ or would you rather be a ‘revenue generator’? Ewan Pearson describes how being on the Pull side of a Pushmi-Pullyu can dramatically increase your business development skills.

“The events industry gets real!”
If you think of professionally produced corporate events as little more than showbusiness – often involving more ‘show’ than ‘business’ – you are not alone. Our event management friends at Vivace uncover the six major hurdles that you should set a production company in order to find someone who can put the business back into showbusiness.

GPB Journal 06 Autumn 2001

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