Speak Up: 8th Edition

In this Edition:

“Nerves – can you really overcome “The Fear”?”
Of all human fears public speaking is the number one. Somewhat surprisingly, in many people’s mind it ranks higher than death! James McBrien gives a few practical tips and hints on what we can do to overcome our nerves and perform at our best.

“I object”
Right now, there are thousands of business developers having to handle perfectly reasonable objections from clients. Most fail! How are your people doing? Ian McDougall explains the art of handling client objections.

“Nota bene”
Speaking well from notes is partly a note writing skills, partly a speaking skill. During a presentation, we all need some memory prompt yet we may feel that being seen to use notes degrades our performance. However, preparation is really a compliment to the audience. Alastair Grant explains how to write and present well from notes.

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 08 Spring 2002