Speak Up: 35th Edition

In this Edition:

Hard graft or hard luck 

By Ewan Pearson

Ewan Pearson explains how preparing for a pitch can be hard work but blood, sweat and tears can reap hefty rewards…

‘Congratulations…now get a job’ 

By Alastair Grant

With many parents concerned over their children’s future Alastair Grant goes back to basics with Interview skills for those who are just starting out.

And now for something completely different 

By  Carl Schreiter

Carl Schreiter offers a guide to using signpost language to get your points across in presentations.

The art of negotiating. Part 1: Separating the person from the problem 

By Tim Farish 

Tim Farish gives advice about how to successfully negotiate a deal without getting emotionally attached. 

Download a PDF version of the journal here: GPB Journal 35 Autumn 2009