Speak Up: 53rd Edition

Here is our 53rd GPB journal. It is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, business development.  Please write back if you wish to comment and  – on behalf of Lynda, Alastair, Tim and myself – we hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

In this edition:

Misconceptions of gravitas in organisations

By Tim Farish

Tim, our associate at QuickMinds in Oslo, busts some myths about what it takes to have gravitas.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

By Lynda Russell-Whitaker

Lynda takes a close-up look at neuro-plasticity.

Bullet points can endanger life

By Alastair Grant

Alastair highlights some of the more serious consequences of terrible visual aids.

Major, Minor Keys

By Ewan Pearson

Ewan shares some recent revelations on the use of metaphors.

Download a pdf version of the journal here: GPB 53rd Journal Spring 2014