Speak Up: 38th Edition

In this Edition:
Fortune favours the…canny 
By Richard Byford
Our guest writer looks at how cost saving can be expensive

“Sing, sing a song” 
By Ewan Pearson
Ewan summarises the key findings of GPB’s latest voice research.

Brevity, Clarity & Persuasion 
By Alastair Grant
Do you say what you mean? Alastair explains how.

Seven seconds that will last forever 
By Carl Schreiter
Carl looks at the value of getting it right.

The science of persuasion. Part 1: Logic 
By Tim Farish
Tim looks at how what  you say and how you say it impacts your audience.

BP makes an oily mess.
GPB studies the mistakes made by BP.

GPB 38th Journal Revised Feb 2024