Speak Up: 55th Edition

Here is our 55th GPB journal. It is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, business development.  Please write back if you wish to comment and  – on behalf of Richard, Alastair, Tim, Lynda and myself – we hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

In this edition:

The Value Equation, by Ewan Pearson

Not quite E=MC2. Ewan has a similar looking equation but it is more about money and rather less about light.

Wielding words, by Richard Keith

In his first article for GPB, Richard advises whether shorter and condensed is the most effective way of communicating.

Two Routes to Persuasion, by Alastair Grant

Alastair takes you for a jaunty ride along two roads at once.

The perils of miscommunication, by Tim Farish

Tim tells the story of the fateful K2 climb in August 2008, and draws lessons for the business world.

Download a PDF copy of our journal here: GPB Winter 2014 55th Journal