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Online Communication

GPB’s Guide to Online Spoken Communication Effective and persuasive spoken communication is a primary requirement in most job roles. Sometimes we also have to deal with the added complications posed by online or telephone contact, especially during the current Coronavirus-driven restrictions. You might need to prepare for an online interview, meeting, presentation, AGM, webinar, or […]

GPB wins the ‘Best Specialist Communications Advisor of the Year – UK’ award from the Global 100, 2020 Awards.

GPB is delighted to have won the Best Specialist Communications Advisor of the Year award again! GPB last won this award in 2018 from Global 100. With a poll of over 293,000 readers, it is required that all programs receive no less than 21% of votes from the global readership, in order to win. GPB is […]

GPB wins the ‘Best Specialist Communications Advisor of the Year – UK’ award from Corporate America Today – Annual Awards, 2020.

GPB is happy to have won the Best Specialist Communications Advisor Award for the second year running! Renowned for its unrivalled reach and targeted readership, now with a subscriber base totalling 287,768, the publication is at the forefront of all matters corporate, reaching professionals and board level decision makers, dealmakers, game changers, and all those […]

GPB wins two awards from ACQ5 Global Awards 2020

GPB wins the ‘UK – Strategic Business Consultancy of the Year’ award Ewan Pearson (Managing Director at GPB) wins the ‘UK – Strategic Business Consultant of the Year’ award. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GPB is pleased to announce that they have won the above two awards. ACQ5 is well renowned within the corporate marketplace. Voting for the awards […]

Half-time oranges in a slow start to the year

The year is half completed and a deadline for an extension to the Transition Period looms. It may have been a madly hectic and massively changing six months for most of us – and the world economy – due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but it’s been a slow half year for one set of the […]

Resolving Conflict – at home and at work

Models for dealing with conflict in one-to-one communication settings Over the past few months, we may have been managing conflict in many guises, given the current extraordinary circumstances of Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and around the world, and the challenges that proximity…or the opposite…  has brought.  We all have our individual coping mechanisms; I’ve […]

Tell me “why”?

The importance of explaining “why” when communicating. The ability to explain “Why” could well prove to be your most valuable super-power. A recent Harvard Business Review article1 claimed that good leadership is about doing precisely this, particularly in a crisis. How very topical! Although it seemed to lean quite heavily on the essence of Simon […]

Speak up: 73rd Edition

Here is our 73rd GPB journal. It is designed as an ongoing coaching tool for our clients and is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, negotiations and business development. Please write back if you wish to comment or add another reader, and – […]

Neologisms (new words), 2014 onwards

GPB has for a long time had a tradition of collecting new words, or neologisms. Whilst we have fun and a bit of a laugh doing so, it was not until the end of 2014 that we decided we should start to collate and publish them. So, with a little fanfare (“tra-la”), here is our latest list, […]