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Storytelling for business: narratives at work, by Richard Keith

Christmas is a time for stories. The nativity is probably the most well-known story in Western culture. You know you will hear in the coming weeks, especially if you go to church. From priests to advertisers (John Lewis’ annual Christmas advert, anyone?) it seems that many know that we are highly receptive to the narrative […]

Content with your content? by Richard Keith

It’s an age-old question in the academic and commercial world of communication – what is more important when presenting: the content (that is, “what you say”) or the delivery (that is, “how you say it”)? The sexy answer is, of course, “how you say it”. We’ve all witnessed presenters with voices like gravelly maple syrup, […]

Fire Bell Pitching, by Richard Keith

Imagine this scenario. You are about to deliver your 20 minute pitch to a client when the fire bell goes off. You are informed that it is only a drill and you decide to seize the moment. You open your mouth: “Before we head out, can I please take 30 secs to tell you the […]

Wielding words – the long and short of it, by Richard Keith

In all departments of a modern business the effective use of language is a potent tool for achieving your goals. We often cite George Orwell’s rules on language as an effective way of them avoiding impenetrable management talk. In his essay Politics and the English Language (originally published in 1946). Why would we do that? […]