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Obama at the Gate

Obama at the Gate On 19th June, President Barak Obama was back orating in Berlin, five years after his highly successful visit whilst campaigning first

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Speaking at a conference…

By Alastair Grant The conference season is here. We are already seeing plenty of speeches from the Democrats and Republicans, and two UK political party

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The spoken full stop

By Alastair Grant So much of the time good presentations can be spoilt by the way they are delivered, and in particular by the way

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"speak up"

Speak Up: 45th Edition

Speak Up: 45th Edition Here is our latest GPB journal packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world

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Rhyme or reason

By Lynda Russell-Whitaker Children have a fascination for rhymes. In fact, I think many people have a fascination for rhymes. I have always loved them,

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Note Bashing or Tweaking

By Alastair Grant Anybody who sings in a choir will know the rigour of note bashing – again and again you sing a part to accurately

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