Question Handling

Exploratory Questioning and Modelling by Lynda Russell-Whitaker

-constructed questions are essential in successful business development. We need to pay close attention to the language we use in our questioning and the language used by the client in response to these questions.  They can give valuable clues.   As mentioned in my article on Active Listening in SpeakUp! #62, questions and listening are […]

I object!

We handle objections all the time both at work and at home. But how skilled are we at handling them and does it matter anyway? In a business setting with a prospect it could be a pivotal point. Objections may be just a way for the prospect client to test you; at least it shows […]

Carney’s first go: Forward mis-guidance?

By Ewan Pearson I was once asked by a host at a dinner to keep my speech short, as it was expected, and it was just before we ate. I simply said “Thank you”. This got a rapturous round of applause, several slaps on the back, and we all sat down to eat in a […]

The devil is in the detour

It was those words, all published on the same day in the same newspaper by just three journalists, which has inspired this article. But what on earth are they writing about, and why the huge level of criticism? And who was Busby Berkeley? They were all writing in The Daily Telegraph on 10th January, the […]

The total opposite or total opposition?

By Guest Author Andrew Richards Why don’t people mean what they say? Why do they so often speak ironically, in riddles, or with double meanings? Is this wasted communication, simply using up words that fill an imaginary void? I can’t really say why people use these disingenuous phrases but it really helps if you can […]