Voice Analysis

Teaching old dogs new tricks

By Lynda Russel-Whitaker Jumping on the ‘neuro’ fever that has had the UK in its grip for more than a year now, I’ve been reading a lot of research on ‘neural plasticity’ or the malleability of the brain. New findings are indicating that our brains remain very plastic well into adulthood. The thing is we actually know that […]

Three Dimensional Emphasis

By Ewan Pearson One thing that makes a good voice stand out from an average voice is in how the speaker uses their voice to give emphasis to the content they are presenting. When you hear it, it’s natural but powerful. So what ARE they doing differently? We have over the past decade conducted many […]

Deeper voices earn more money

By Alastair Grant Recent research at Duke University in North Carolina, USA has discovered that men with deeper voices make more money, run larger companies, and stay in their jobs longer. They are simply more successful. Dr Yi Xu of University College London agrees but also said that research shows that men prefer woman with […]

Initial results of GPB-Vox research

GPB has been undertaking research with its Associate, the Vox Institute through 2011 and 2012. The research will be reviewed at a scientifc conference, and published in mid-late 2012 in a scientific journal. The research asked a key question in business development and more generally in spoken communications: Research Question: “Do we prefer to talk […]