Winter 2011

Rhyme or reason

By Lynda Russell-Whitaker Children have a fascination for rhymes. In fact, I think many people have a fascination for rhymes. I have always loved them, since I was very young, and developed a love of tongue twisters at primary school when one of my teachers, who was particularly engaging, had the entire class reciting ‘Red […]

Note Bashing or Tweaking

By Alastair Grant Anybody who sings in a choir will know the rigour of note bashing – again and again you sing a part to accurately hit the right notes. It can become tedious but it is an essential part of driving up the quality and precision of the choir.  Applying this to delivery of a presentation looks […]

44th Edition

In this Edition: Note Bashing or tweaking By Alastair Grant Twang the vocal chords to tweak your presentations Rhyme or reason By Lynda Russell-Whitaker If twanging doesn’t grab you, maybe tongue twisters will Happy rhetorical Winterval By Ewan Pearson Should we embrace new words or shun them? There’s a prize bottle of Champagne in it […]