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The perils of miscommunication, by Tim Farish

K2 holds a unique allure for mountaineers. It is seen as the ‘climbers’ mountain and offers challenges like no other, testing all who attempt her to their limit and beyond. The two main risks on summiting are time spent in the ‘death zone’ and risk of avalanches, both of which are maximized on K2 to […]

Research: Steven Pinker: How to banish business jargon

Steven Pinker: How to banish business jargon by Harriet Green, CityAM, October 29, 2014, 1:47am The cognitive scientist tells Harriet Green why buzzwords just don’t cut the mustard. Steven Pinker’s new book offers advice for anyone who writes at work Business jargon is annoying: “we need to find the synergy here”; “do you feel […]

7 Misconceptions of gravitas in organisations

By Tim Farish Recently, we have been working on gravitas with several clients. Some of the common myths are that you have to be male, old, noisy, wizened, senior… or born with it. Not so! Let me begin with some context. And then I’ll explain the misconceptions. I have been coaching senior executives now for […]

The total opposite or total opposition?

By Guest Author Andrew Richards Why don’t people mean what they say? Why do they so often speak ironically, in riddles, or with double meanings? Is this wasted communication, simply using up words that fill an imaginary void? I can’t really say why people use these disingenuous phrases but it really helps if you can […]

Push or Pull – what influencing technique should we use?

By Tim Farish The days of the authoritarian boss are fading fast and instead contemporary leaders and business people are increasingly recognising that they cannot simply tell others what to do. As tempting as it may seem to use good, old-fashioned authority as the main tool of influencing, other skills are now required by the […]

Difficult conversations made a little easier

By Tim Farish Most of us, if we’re honest, put having difficult conversations near the very bottom of our to-do list. If you’re like me it’s probably next to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fitter’ and dealt with the same conviction: poorly and inconsistently. Like most things we put off, there is a very good reason […]

How to avoid the modern meeting curse

By Tim Farish Tim Farish writes his first article for us since transitioning from Director to becoming an Associate, based in Oslo with the firm he co-founded there, Quickminds. Here he writes about a dilemma we all face….the meeting! We‟ve all been in meetings where there appears to be little structure or, at best, the structure […]

Expanding by contracting

By Simon North Simon North is our guest writer for this Journal. In January 2010 he set up Position Ignition (, a firm that advises people on how to survive and thrive at work in the 21st Century. They focus on the relationship between a worker and their work, throughout that person‟s life. Gaining a […]