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I object!

We handle objections all the time both at work and at home. But how skilled are we at handling them and does it matter anyway? In a business setting with a prospect it could be a pivotal point. Objections may be just a way for the prospect client to test you; at least it shows […]

Carney’s first go: Forward mis-guidance?

By Ewan Pearson I was once asked by a host at a dinner to keep my speech short, as it was expected, and it was just before we ate. I simply said “Thank you”. This got a rapturous round of applause, several slaps on the back, and we all sat down to eat in a […]

Consistency = Reliability

By Lynda Russell-Whitaker “There are those who would misteach us that to stick in a rut is consistency – and a virtue; and that to climb out of that rut is inconsistency – and a vice” Mark Twain, Consistency speech, 1887 In this article I argue the value of consistency. I’m certainly not advocating that […]