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Rhetorical Tools List

Rhetorical Tools List Example of 75 very popular and useful rhetorical tools 1. Alliteration 2. Allusion 3. Anadiplosis 4. Analogy 5. Anaphora 6. Anecdotes 7. Anesis 8. Anticlimax 9. Antimetabole 10. Antithesis 11. Aphorism 12. Aposiopesis 13. Apposition

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New Research: 64 Rhetorical Tools

We have a new post in our research section – The paper is a long and comprehensive list of useful and commonly used rhetorical

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Paraprosdokians-A Rhetorical Tool

Paraprosdokians-A Rhetorical Tool Rhetorical Tools: Paraprosdokians are a strange sort of tool; they fall into the category of ‘amusement’, and are defined as: “A figure

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