Summer 2014

“You will be my most important client”

Anyone in a business development role will be familiar with the phrase above. There is a feeling that it should be said, especially to a big client that you are very keen (and probably incentivised) to win, and is often said at that peak in effort—the pitch. But is it the best thing to say? […]

Listening and [Mis]interpreting

“One often contradicts an opinion when what is uncongenial is really the tone in which it is conveyed.” Friedrich Nietzsche This article is not just about the tone we employ, but about interpreting or misinterpreting what has been said. Though our tone of voice can play a critical part in how what we mean to […]

Please don’t confuse me. Get to the point. Don’t waste my time.

 “If you use words that the viewer has to process, then they will miss the next three to six words that you say.” This is a quote from Scott Chisholm who, it appears, is the man who coached Alastair Darling’s performance in the first televised debate against Alec Salmond on Scottish independence.   Alastair, ‘as […]

54th Edition

Here is our 54th GPB journal. It is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, business development.  Please write back if you wish to comment and  – on behalf of Lynda, Alastair, Tim and myself – we hope you’ll enjoy reading it. In this […]