Monthly Archives: September 2020

Virtual Communication

GPB’s Guide to Online Spoken Communication Effective and persuasive spoken communication is a primary requirement in most job roles. Sometimes we must also deal with the added complications posed by online or telephone contact, especially during the current Coronavirus restrictions. You might need to prepare for an online interview, meeting, presentation, AGM, webinar, or some […]

Speak Up: 74th Edition

Here is our 74th GPB journal. It is designed as an ongoing coaching tool for our clients and is packed with a wealth of information and good hands-on tips and tricks from the world of communications, presentations, negotiations and business development. Please write back if you wish to comment or add another reader, and – […]

Superior Force

If two forces are equal and opposite, nothing moves. Irresistible force meets immoveable object. To develop skills, motivation must exceed inertia. During lockdown, lots of people have binged on box sets. We’re no exception: my family watched every Star Wars movie; except the ones we don’t like! It got me thinking about that hackneyed line […]

Learning to like your likeability

Richard discusses ‘likeability’ and the need to for it to be genuine. For many of us, the demonstrating of our competence is central to our act of persuasive communication that we undertake.  Isn’t that what our counterparties really need to know?  Whether presenting, pitching to a potential client or communicating with an investor, the main […]

Does social media affect persuasion?

Alastair looks at the use of Logos, Pathos and Ethos and discusses the affect of social media on persuasion. Aristotle developed his Three Appeals to persuasion some 2,400 years ago. Pathos, Logos and Ethos translate in into emotional appeal, logical argument and ethical trust. Aristotle postulated that these appeals are best used in  equal combination […]

What did the Direct Response Copywriters ever do for us?

Lynda reviews Glenn Fisher’s key themes: Know your audience, features vs. benefits and the importance of narrative. Direct response copywriting (i.e. writing directly to consumers)  is a somewhat niche topic.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s worth investing time, energy and cash into developing your firm’s skills in this area.  Let’s face it, most […]

Would I Lie to You?

Des explores some ways in which communication can help to either establish, build or diminish Trust   In 1981 Kirsty MacColl sang about deceit, plaintively reproaching her sweetheart: “I can’t help feeling that, somehow, you don’t mean anything you say at all.”11 She mirrors how we all judge other people’s levels of (dis)honesty – by […]