Wedding speeches

Alastair Grant gives some advice on ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ during a wedding speech. For many years, I have been advising and coaching others in affective business presentations and pitches. I tend to avoid helping those who are making a speech at a wedding. Although, there was one occasion where I […]

Plan and Prepare to Maximise Audience Motivation

Lynda Russell-Whitaker explores how to appeal to different learning styles when presenting Depending on who your audience is (and whether you will know this prior to your presentation) you might want to think about how to be inclusive in the presentation that you’re giving, for a number of reasons, but for the purpose of this […]

The Narrative Fallacy

Hasnaê Kerach explores the mind’s ability to create stories that have no grounding in reality. From the earliest cave paintings in France to Egyptian Hieroglyphics, storytelling has been used as an effective and compelling way to communicate. The same applies in business, where most of us have realised that storytelling is an essential part of […]

Gestures – the good, the bad and the rude by Ewan Pearson

Some gestures offend, others inspire, and there is an enormous range of good to bad, genuine to fake, small to large and different types of them. Where to start… We use a simple categorisation of gestures at GPB, into these 6 types: Iconic – for information Prosodic – for emphasis mainly Deictic – for pointing […]

The year of Virtual Reality, by Matthew Kalkman

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them” – Aristotle GPB have just started working with ElexaVR on developing some innovative training techniques that involve a deep immersion into Virtual Reality (VR). So we asked Matt Kalkman there to explain what it’s all about: This is […]